Social freezing. Contact ❄️.

Become a donor + Gift 🎁.

Social freezing. Contact ❄️.

Become a donor + Gift 🎁.

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Repromedica Services

Service 1

Diagnosis of infertility

At the initial meeting, you will get a clear idea of your fertility options and create a conception plan with a specialist. This includes a full consultation and diagnostic workup. Partners are welcome.

Your reproductive potential is easily detected with an examination that includes ultrasound and fertility hormone testing.

For men who want to find out their fertility potential. The examination includes sperm collection and analysis, consultation and possible blood test.

For clients interested in building a family through assisted reproduction methods.

Service 2

Treatment of infertility

Getting pregnant is not always easy. Currently, one in eight couples have trouble getting pregnant. This number increases to one couple in three after the age of 35. The good news, however, is that reproductive medicine can greatly improve your chances of conceiving.

During a native IVF cycle, no hormonal drugs are used to stimulate the ovaries.

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) involves the direct placement of sperm into the uterus. Blood tests and ultrasound are essential elements of care.

The IVF cycle lasts approximately one month from the day you start taking the medication until the pregnancy test.

Service 3

Freezing of cells

Postponing parenthood for the sake of a career is currently a significant social trend. However, many couples do not realise that they are radically reducing their chances of conception by taking this step. Cryopreservation of cells ''social freezing'' offers a solution.

If a woman wants to have a child at an older age or has to postpone motherhood for various reasons, one of the options is egg freezing. Plan your future today.

For known severe deviations of the spermiogram from the norm, it is recommended to freeze the sperm before a critical drop occurs. Plan your future today.

Cryopreservation allows you to keep embryos frozen for future use.

Service 4

Donor programme

Repromedica also helps couples who cannot have a child from their own germ cells.

Egg donation is one of the very successful methods of infertility treatment. The eggs obtained from a healthy anonymous donor are fertilised with the sperm of the recipient's partner and the resulting embryo is subsequently transferred into the uterus of the recipient - the mother-to-be.

When selecting a suitable donor, we always try to match the type of male partner of the couple being treated as closely as possible. We take into account not only height, eye and hair colour, blood group and Rh factor, but also interests that may be important to you.

Donor embryo transfer is an assisted reproduction technique in which the embryo is transferred into the uterus of the recipient.

Service 5

Give the gift of life

Give the gift of life and help bring happiness to those who long for it.

Every donor receives a detailed medical report and a gift 🎁 in addition to reimbursement of the cost.

Sperm donors are men aged 18 to 35. Give the gift of life and help bring happiness to those who long for it

The union of the donor egg and the donor sperm produces donated embryos. When selecting both of these donors, we always try to match the external features of you and your partner as closely as possible (height, eye and hair colour).

Service 6

Same-day surgery

As part of the same-day surgery for our female clients, we provide a number of procedures at the Repromedica clinic.

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