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Social freezing. Contact ❄️.

Become a donor + Gift 🎁.

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PODCAST: Freezing eggs

We will talk about egg freezing with embryologist Mrs. Mgr. Ingrid Straszer.

Livestream of Beauty Seminar with @operenecholec & @milanwtf

Livestream from Beauty seminar with @operenecholec & @milanwtf who also interviewed Dr. Nataliya Roshko from @repromedica

For infertile couples, the approach of the doctors at the assisted reproduction clinic is most important

Repromedica Clinic has the unique and widest database within the donor program. It specializes in helping couples who cannot have a child from their own germ cells, whether due to their poor quality, genetic burden or after undergoing cancer treatment.

Well-known gynaecologist: the infertility of one in ten couples is a mystery, sometimes you just need the right timing for sex

The doctor chose a difficult specialty. Every day, couples come to her wanting a baby. She tenaciously follows every advance in modern medicine and soaks up the experience of older colleagues to help women get pregnant.

I plan to do it again, admits Alexandra, who donated her eggs.

Thanks to his openness, he also comes up with topics that are not talked about much on Instagram. Sperm donation is common knowledge in society. What we don't hear so much about is egg donation.

PODCAST: Andrea Ďurechová, MD, PhD from Repromedica Clinic

Today we bring you an amazing interview with Dr. Andrea Ďurechová with more than 30 years of experience in the field of obstetrics and assisted reproduction.
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